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Orchids In Pierpointe
Can orchids grow in Pierpointe?  Yes!  
These orchids were photographed in one owner's backyard in a single day.  You can successfully grow orchids indoors or outside.  A little TLC and the desire is all you need.  The most common mistake novices make is overwatering.  Orchids do not like to be soggy.  Water indoor orchids weekly testing the soil every five days.  If it is barely miost, but not wet, you may water.  Outside, let Mother Nature do her thing unless we are in a drought.  Water outdoor orchids 2-3 times per week during the dry season.  Always check for moistness before watering.  Do not allow the orchid to dry out but even more importantly, do not overwater.
Feed half the reccommend rate of orchid food mixed in water, every second or third watering.  During the blooming season switch to a bloom buster orchid food and watch the excitement unfold.