• chevron_right1. How do I get a bar code sticker?
    New resident: applications are included in the Welcome Packet you received when you were screened by your sub-association board. Additional forms are available on our website (if you have signed up as a Member).  Click on 'Forms' under the Members menu. Print out, complete and submit the application along with the required documentation (as listed on the application).  You must also submit a check or money order in the amount of  $20 made payable to the: Pierpointe Master Association.  Cash is not accepted.  Allow up to 14 days for processing.  Incomplete applications or those missing required documents will not be processed.

    Replacement bar code sticker: if your sticker no longer works or you have purchased a new car (bar code stickers are NOT transferrable), apply for a replacement sticker using the bar code application.  Due to the elements, stickers crack which renders them no longer functional.  Lifespan is usually about 2-3 years.  The charge for replacement sticker is $20.  Checks or money orders must be made payable to: Pierpointe Master Association.  Cash not accepted.  Allow up to 14 days processing.
    Bar Code Lane may be used only by approved applicants. Abuse of the Bar Code Lane or inappropriate behavior at the guardhouse will result in deactivation of the sticker.
  • chevron_right2. When will I get my bar code sticker?
    That depends on when the application, check and paperwork are received by the Master Association; therefore, residents should complete all paperwork and submit it to the guardhouse promptly.  Stickers are applied by a Master Association representative usually every other week. The guardhouse accepts applications 24/7.  They are picked up daily by the Master Association.   Once the application has been received, reviewed and approved you will be contacted by phone advising the date, time and place of bar coding session, usually on the exit side of the guardhouse.  If you are not home at the time the call is placed a voicemail message will be left for you.
  • chevron_right3. What is the speed limit in Pierpointe?
    The speed limit in Pierpointe is 15 MPH.  No exceptions. Residents use the streets to walk their dogs, exercise and ride bicycles.  There are no sidewalks in here.  It is very important everyone respect the posted speed limit signs and obey the traffic laws.  STOP signs are at every intersection and drivers must stop.
  • chevron_right4. What is the Pierpointe Master Association's function?
    A comprehensive explanation may be found in the Master Association documents (included on this website).  Briefly, the Master Association establishes and maintains an accurate database for the community, provides for security, maintains the Spine Road (main road artery through community), maintains the landscaping on the circles and medians along the Spine Road and along the Johnson Street wall.  The Master Association may agree to accept all or part of the common area maintenance obligations of the sub-associations. The sub-associations are comprised of Pierpointe One, Two, Three, Four and Five and all the associations within them.
  • chevron_right5. What papers do I turn in to Guardhouse (Moving Day)?
    Your sub-association board will provide a Welcome Packet from the Pierpointe Master Association at your screening interview.  The packet includes everything you need to know (including a checklist) so you will be all ready to go on Moving Day.  Be sure to read through the Welcome Packet before Moving Day to familiarize yourself with the paperwork and procedures.  You can also access the information on our website. The papers you need are: a copy of your Warranty Deed or Closing Statement (purchaser) or Lease Agreement (renter), a copy of your Certificate of Approval, New Resident Form, Resident Guest Directory form.  These papers are available on the website if you have signed up as a Member.  If not, they are available at the guardhouse.
  • chevron_right6. Why is a Certificate of Approval necessary?
    Most governing documents for the Provinces of Pierpointe require residents (18 & older) to meet with the sub-association board or screening committee prior to moving into the community.  The Certificate of Approval is a legal document and confirms “ this applicant has fulfilled the requirements for residency” which, in some cases, may mean simply meeting with the sub board and reviewing the rules.  The governing documents of each sub association determine the process for that Village.  You cannot move into Pierpointe or be entered into our database without a signed Certificate of Approval.  If you have purchased a property without having first met with the board of your sub-association, you may be in violation of the governing documents. The Master Assn will not admit anyone to move into the property without a Certificate of Approval.   You should immediately seek to contact the management company or board of your sub-association to determine how to obtain a Certificate of Approval.
  • chevron_right7. How do I get a Certificate of Approval?
    Applicants (purchasers or lessees, roommates or live-ins) must contact the management company for the sub-association (Pierpointe Village) or board where your new home is located.  The company or board will provide instructions.  
  • chevron_right8. What is a permanent guest?
    A permanent guest is NOT a resident.  A permanent guest is a person who visits often but only on a visitor basis and does not reside in the residence.  The “permanent guest” designation grants a “pre-cleared” status to the guest.  For convenience, residents may list permanent guests (up to 5 names) in the data record.  Permanent guests must still provide a driver’s license for entry, but no call will be made to the residence to clear them.  All other visitors must be cleared each time they arrive at the guardhouse, either by the Automated Voicemail System (954-909-0585) or by the guard calling the resident.
  • chevron_right9. Are my "out-of-town college" kids considered residents?
    That depends on the address stated on the driver’s license.  In Florida, residency is usually declared based on the driver’s license for all legal transactions including voting, insurance rates and residency.  If your dependent child attends college outside of the area and does not live with you full time, the dependent child usually declares residency in the town where the college is located. However, some children continue to declare 'home' their permanent residence.  Please remember, a person must be a resident of Pierpointe to obtain a bar code sticker for the vehicle.
  • chevron_right10. My "northern" family visits each winter. Do they need a Certificate of Approval?
    Only ‘residents’ are required to obtain a Certificate of Approval.  Visiting guests or family are generally not considered residents unless they have established domicile in your home.  If they get a job or move personal household belongings into your dwelling or change the address on their driver’s license to reflect your home address, they have established domicile and will be considered residents and subject to the rules and restrictions required of all residents in Pierpointe.  When you are expecting an extended-stay visitor, notify your sub-association and the guardhouse in writing. Include your name, address, visitor’s name and the dates of the stay.  Your sub-association will advise if a screening and interview is necessary.
    NOTE: If a family member is moving in to live with you, you are required to notify the sub-association where you live and the guardhouse. You are legally required to make arrangements for a Certificate of Approval immediately.
  • chevron_right11. How do I clear guests for entry?
    Residents must preclear visitors using the Automated Voicemail System (AVS) by calling 954-909-0585. After your info is entered
    into the system, your phone number will be linked to the AVS. If you call from the phone number registered in the system, it will
    recognize you. Follow the prompts to leave your name, your guest’s name and date of arrival. You may call from another number but will then have to follow the prompts to enter the phone number registered to the system and then leave your recorded message with the guest information. Always ensure that your guest or delivery person knows your first, last name and address. If applicable, give all delivery companies your Building Number. ALL drivers using the Guardhouse lane must provide a valid driver’s license. No license, no entry. NO EXCEPTIONS. This includes residents, visitors, vendors, delivery drivers, and shared ride drivers (Uber, Lyft). Permanent guests do not need to be cleared but they must show a valid driver’s license. Also, be a good host and work out the parking arrangements ahead of time to avoid unnecessary problems and frustrations for your guests and neighbors.
  • chevron_right12. How do I clear multiple guests for a party?
    Whether you are hosting a party in your home, backyard or the pool area of your sub-association you are required to provide a written guestlist to the guard BEFORE the party.  Failure to comply results in denied visitors.  The list should be alphabetized for easier reference, especially if there are more than 6 names listed. The guestlist allows the guard to admit your party guests without calling.  Be sure to advise your guests to have their drivers’ licenses ready upon arrival at the guardhouse.  Also, be a good host and work out the parking arrangements ahead of time to avoid unnecessary problems and frustrations for your guests and neighbors.  Remember, owners are responsible for the behavior of their tenants, guests and relatives at all times.
  • chevron_right13. What are the rules for parking?
    Each unit is assigned a parking space.  If you are a resident in the condos or townhomes, use guest parking for any additional cars including visitors. Never use another person’s parking space without explicit permission to do so from that resident. Violators will be towed. 
    If you live in the single family homes your driveway can accommodate two cars.  Use these spaces before taking up a guest parking space or island space.  Parking spaces are very sparse in Pierpointe Three and Four with limited guest spaces.   It is imperative residents be considerate neighbors and park responsibly.  Never block driveways, cul de sac entrances or roadways.  Violators will be towed.
  • chevron_right14. What is the garbage collection schedule?
    If you are a resident in the condos or townhomes you must use only the dumpster for your building. There is a bulk trash pick-up schedule for the dumpsters but you must contact your association for more information as schedules do change.  Residents in the condos and townhomes must dispose of bulk items on their own or on bulk trash days in their association only.  Residents from the single family homes may NOT use dumpsters.  It is trespassing.  Conversely, residents from the townhomes and condos may not dispose of bulk trash in the single family home communities.
    If you are a resident in the single family homes your scheduled garbage collection is Tuesday and Friday.  Residents may place their green trash cans at curbside after dusk the previous day and must remove them by dusk on collection day.  Trash cans must be stored out of sight from common areas at all times except on the day of collection.
    Single family home residents may also recycle.  Recycle collection is on Fridays only. Have the blue cart at curbside no earlier than dusk the previous day and removed by dusk on collection day. 
    Bulk Trash Pick-up is now twice a month for single family residents only - second and fourth Tuesday of each month.  Have bulk trash items at curbside no earlier than dusk the previous day.  Condo & townhome residents may not dump trash in single family home villages.  It is trespassing.
  • chevron_right15. How can I contact the Board?
    If your association uses a management company you can call the Property Manager. If your association does not use a management company you will need to contact your board directly. You may also attend a board meeting.  
  • chevron_right16. Who can use the pool?
    All residents and their invited guests may use the pool within their sub-association.  Pool hours and rules are displayed in each Villages’ pool area and each may be different.  It is trespassing to use a pool unless you are a resident of that Village.  Owners are responsible for the behavior of their tenants, guests and family members.
  • chevron_right17. How can I host a pool party?
    Pool party forms are available on our website or through the management company.  A resident may reserve the pool for a party (depending on the HOA's rules) by submitting in advance the signed pool party form and a check to cover the cleaning/damage deposit.  Spontaneous pool parties are not permitted.  Reserving the pool area for a party does not grant exclusivity of ‘use of the pool’, only the cabana area - other residents may continue to use the pool.  A resident reserving the pool accepts responsibility for any damages/cleaning fees incurred by their guests.  No one is permitted to bring any glass (including glass beverage containers), water balloons, pets or cooking fixtures to the pool area. Pierpointe Three and Pierpointe Four do not allow pool parties. Contact your board or management company for more information. 
  • chevron_right18. Are signs permitted in Pierpointe ?
    The governing documents of our community prohibit any resident or agent from displaying any signs in Pierpointe.  The City of Pembroke Pines also prohibits signs displayed on the City swales and medians.
  • chevron_right19. What about Open Houses, Garage Sales and PODs or dumpsters?
    The governing documents prohibit “open houses” and “garage sales” within Pierpointe. Additionally, dumpsters and PODs or similar storage units are prohibited without prior written board approval.
  • chevron_right20. Can I park my company vehicle in Pierpointe?
    Consult your governing documents for a more detailed answer.  Usually the prohibition is listed under Use Restrictions.
    Generally, commercial vehicles, including but not limited to those with signage or any visible specialty equipment, as well as unregistered vehicles and derelict vehicles (those which cannot operate under their own power) are prohibited. In the single family homes any prohibited vehicle may be stored within the confines of the unit’s enclosed garage but not in sight of common areas.  Residents should always consult the governing documents.